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We send only Bangladeshi taka to Bangladesh by converting Canadian Dollar into BDT at current rate through account transfer or cash collection next working day. The account transfer takes about three to four working days and cash collection delivery next working day. We do not extra charge for cash collection. The beneficiary only collect money from  EXIM Bank Ltd. From Bangladesh. The remitter should provide ID if remittance  money as over $1000 Canadian dollar.

The following ID should be provide a by the Remitter and Beneficiary for such transaction.

Cash Collection

EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Ltd provides  quick payment service from EXIM Bank Ltd Bangladesh withing 24 houres by securty PIN. We have collection point about all district in Bangladesh.

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For Remitter

         Valid passport or driving licence


         Valid photo ID

         Proof of address (Utility bill or Bank


For Beneficiary (Cash collection)

        National ID

       Bank Cheque Book