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Legal Information

Registration No: 00221807 and FINTRAC registration no M09110292.

Address: Unite - 2
3096 Danforth Avenue
Toronto M1L 1B1
Ontario, Canada

Privacy Statement

EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited is committed to protecting your personal information from unauthorised access, use and disclosure. We use the personal information that we collect from you to process requests or orders, identify personal preference and identify your needs with appropriate products and services.

Terms & Conditions for Remittance Payment


  1. EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited applies charges in accordance with its existing published tariff.
  2. If you choose to have charges deducted from the remittance amount, the Bank will remit the net amount to the beneficiary. If you choose not to have charges deducted from the remittance amount, the Bank will add the charges to the amount you wish to send and you will pay the remittance amount and the charges.
  3. If beneficiary’s bank makes charges for handling the payment, EXIM Exchange Company(Canada) Limited is not responsible for such charges.

2. Payment Delivery Timescales

  1. EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited’s Remittance System is designed to deliver electronic payments to Bangladesh by the next business day. Remittances accepted on  Saturday after 2:00 PM or Sunday will not be processed until the next business day in Canada.
  2. Beneficiaries at outlying branches (Bangladesh) branches of other banks can expect slightly increased delivery timescales but normal delivery can be expected within three business days. If Beneficiaries bank is EXIM Bank, can expect delivery next working day.
  3. If the Remitter tenders a cheque or makes a credit transfer to the Bank in order to cover the remittance, the remittance certificate will be issued by the Exchange House when the cleared funds are received. This normally takes five working days but clearance from offices other than EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited, Flat - 1, 3096 Danforth Avenue, M1L 1B1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada may take six working days. The Canadian Dollar/Taka conversion rate applicable will be that which applies on the date of remittance.

3. Cancellations and Queries

  1. If you request EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited to cancel a remittance payment that has already been sent and received by a bank in Bangladesh, we will use all reasonable endeavours to obtain the return of monies and you acknowledge that this may require the authority of the beneficiary. Monies returned may also have charges deducted by the beneficiary's bank to cover costs. Any charges made to make the initial payment will not be refunded. The Exchange House reserves the right to make a cancellation charge to recognise the cost of the work done in making recovery.
    For such refund, prior Bangladesh Bank's approval will be required. Hence, the refund process could take considerable time.
  2. If you request us to investigate or amend an existing payment, the Exchange House will prepare to do that with no charge.
  3. These Terms and Conditions are without prejudice to your statutory rights.

4. Liability

  1. EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited is not responsible for checking details of the remittance (including details of the beneficiary or the beneficiary's bank provided by you.)
  2. EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited does not, unless it otherwise agrees, guarantee funds will be credited to the beneficiary's bank within any particular period.
  3. EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited shall not be liable to the remitter or beneficiary for any loss of profit, contracts or goodwill or any other loss or damage including any indirect consequential loss (whether arising in contract, negligence or otherwise and whether or not the possibility of such loss or damage was known or brought to the attention of the Bank at the time it accepted the remittance instruction to effect the relevant remittance transfer) provided always that EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited will, if requested by the customer, use all reasonable endeavours to trace and recover (at the customer's cost and expense) the amount of any remittance transfer not received at the beneficiary's bank.
  4. EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited shall only be liable for a delay in funds being credited to the beneficiary's bank to the extent that EXIM Exchange Company(Canada) Limited has been negligent, in which case, EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited shall be liable to compensate the remitter for loss of interest for the period during which the payment has been delayed. In the event of the funds failing to be credited to a beneficiary's bank, EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited shall only be liable if it has been negligent but shall not be liable to the remitter for any loss of profit, contracts or goodwill or any other loss or damage including any indirect or consequential loss.
  5. EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited shall not have any liability for any failure to perform its obligations as a result of computer systems failure, telecommunications malfunction, industrial dispute, or any circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  6. Under no circumstances shall EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited be liable for more than the principal sum of the remittance plus the charges in the event of delay, non-delivery or underpayment of the remittance, due to fault, error or omission of the Bank. In the event of non-delivery, the principal amount of the remittance shall be refunded to the remitter once the funds have been returned to EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited. Insufficient or inaccurate information supplied by the remitter may affect your statutory rights should the payment be delayed.
  7. Remitters may not include conditions to be satisfied before payment can be released to the beneficiary as neither EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited nor beneficiary banks can accept responsibility for policing such conditions.

5. Legal Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canada and EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited and the remitter hereby submit to the jurisdiction of English Courts.

6. Liability

By signing or submitting a remittance application, the individual(s) named are:

  • Confirming that any details supplied are true and complete;
  • Authorising EXIM Exchange Company (Canada) Limited when considering the remittance application and at any time in the future to make credit reference, identity, fraud and other enquiries, including information from the electoral register.
  • It is understood that credit reference and fraud prevention agencies will maintain a record of our search and the information we give them including whether you have given us false or inaccurate information or we suspect fraud.

7. General

In making a remote transfer we are acting as your agent. You must comply with any relevant local laws and you agree to hold us harmless against all obligations and liabilities we incur as a result of acting for you.

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